Very Fair Price – Closed Fast

“I would strongly recommend Riz with Kustom property solutions, as your real estate buyer. After consulting with other realtors and getting probable estimated sales for my father’s property, I chose Riz as my go to person. I knew my Dad’s home would not make it through financing in “as is” condition and the repair request from a buyer would be enormous. I also considered all my holding costs and expenses required to close on this property. I went through my father’s bags of unread mail and discovered Riz’s letter, along with other as is buyers. I gave all buyers a fair chance to make me an offer. Riz came in first, and best, so I chose him and we agreed on a very fair price. We also closed in less than 30 days, which eliminated a huge burden from my mind, so for me, I lived out of state, moved my dad with Dementia to another state, and closed exactly as Riz stated we would. He replied to all my texts and calls very timely. I am very happy and lucky to have found Riz.”

Bob B.
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